Photo 5 countries where you can find a affordable beachfront hotel
01.01 2019

5 countries where you can find a affordable beachfront hotel


Have you ever dreamt about a beachfront hotel to spend holidays? Indeed. It does not seem obvious to get in mind having them in a cheap way. However, there are places where you do not have to spend a huge amount of money to have fun.

Affordable hotel in a beautiful place

1. France

The best destination to lay still in the hotel rooms and have the beach at reach. Actually, in the Concarneau beach, there are many resorts which are affordable. However, the best is “Les Sables Blancs” where for example a couple can get what they want with $191 per night.

2. Costa Rica

Who has never dreamt about quitting their job, packing the suitcase and after laying on the beach of Costa Rica. In Tamarindo, one of its towns, the natural beauty of the beach is incredible, it sounds unbelievable that with $2,500, a couple can survive for a month: living in hotels, doing activities like surfing. The sands seem like gold and the beach covered with fresh products and seafood.

3. Indonesia

There are many beachfront hotels there. There is “Uluwatu”: the famous place in Bali which is maybe the cheapest place on the beach. For this destination, it's just the flight trip that costs a lot but once you are there, $130 is enough for a comfortable day: hotel room, meals and activities in the beach as surfing or buying souvenirs. There is Alila Manggis in Bali. The differences between these two hotels are the volcano view with the latter and the activities like yoga classes that can be held and the ocean is so close. It costs $230 a night but it is worth the comfort during all the trips.

4. Mexico

Precisely, in Cancun, “Playa Delfines” is the cheapest resort. You can join this place where you can enjoy the best of comfortable and affordable resorts. Besides its panoramic view over the ocean where dolphins are playing, the cost of living in this beachfront hotel is cheap. To get comfortable, spending $75 a day is enough.

5. Maine

In Kennebunkport, there's a place called “Breakwater Inn&Spa”. Despite the fact that it's a beachfront hotel, it has many activities: spa, sailing on a boat (with a recycled boat!) and other comfortable resorts advantages. Moreover, with it 34 comfy rooms, free Wi-Fi, relaxing pillows and beds, spending time in its hotel costs only $159.

How to get there?

Known as the affordable beach places, these hotels can be booked before travelers or tourists come there. Therefore, it is advised to book in advance to avoid bad surprises or deception to not get the best hotel in cheap way.

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